Friday, May 4, 2012

Formal Friday: Checks and Stripes

I am not a huge fan of brown suits generally.  Something about them just makes me think they look too rural or informal.  This suit, however, is an exception. 

I love the contrast of the stripes of the jacket and the checks of the vest.  This is a great example of how playing with complimentary patterns can really add an eye-catching element to your standard suit.  Here, the colors are the same but the variation in the pattern arrangement gives the outfit a sense of depth and vitality.

Also, check out the bowtie/ascot/scarf.  Little twists like this can really pull an outfit together.  Taking something like a scarf or handkerchief and tying it around your neck as you would a bowtie gives a brazen edge to an otherwise put-together look. 

Lastly, make sure to slick back your hair and look super serious and you will OWN that brown suit.

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