Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Suits Me: More Milla Jovovich

If you haven't noticed already, I think Milla Jovovich has (or had, circa the 1990s) the perfect hot lesbian look. 

Check out that haphazardly slicked back mane.  Professional with an edge.  In addition to the spectacular lesbian hair, Milla is rocking one excellent grey suit.  This lighter shade of grey is particularly great for springtime.  Pop the collar a little.  Because you're a badass. 

But the best part is the gaze.  Threatening?  Playful?  Dismissive?  Enticing?  Aggressive?  Challenging?  All of the above?  Yes please.

The hot lesbian look is all about attitude. 

(And with that kind of attitude, who needs a shirt?)

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