Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Suits Me: Milla Jovovich

Lesbian hair is a wonderful thing.  We look hella sexy doing all kinds of fun things that our straight counterparts just can't quite pull off.  Ok, well... Milla Jovovich might not technically be a lesbian, but... well, just look!
The hair, the suit, the penetrating gaze, the pouty lips.... you're sending off all the signals, MJ!

Right now my hair has been going through a succession of "Iceman from Top Gun -> James Dean -> Twilight vampire" phases (only partially joking here).  It's been shortish for a while, and I'm thinking I'll let it grow a little shaggier like Milla's in the picture above.  I only wish that my hair was able to curl/ wave like hers is here.  Lezsquire thinks curly hair is THE BEST.  While I am fortunate to have an incredibly thick, luxurious mane, it has a mind of its own and stubbornly resists all such attempts.  Or to stay styled in any way through a whole day, for that matter (while this gives me a roguish, handsome look, it's appropriateness is questionable for a late meeting with the boss or court appointment). 

How do you wear your lesbian hair?

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