Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pic of the Day: Dandy Hats and Gloves

Lately, hats have been on my mind.  People seem to naturally either look fabulous in hats, or look horrible in them no matter what style they try.  I am one of the blessed few who looks great in almost any hat.

The hat in this picture is phenomenal.  What type of hat would you call it?  A felt panama hat?  No... the brim is too small.  My fashion vocabulary is at a loss.  Someone please educate me.

(Source: calivintage)
This is a great layered look for the turn of the seasons from winter to spring.  Also, that fisherman's style sweater is a great way to give yourself a nautical look.  And the gloves... so adorable.  Gloves are an oft-unincorporated bit of wardrobe that can really put your style over the top.  I love how the shoes, hat, and gloves all pop.

Add a navy blazer, and you're good to go to pull this look off at work.  

Just make sure to take your hat off when you come inside, Gentleladies.

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