Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Suits Me: The Three Suits Every Lezsquire Should Own
(Part I: The Black Suit)

This post is number one in a three-part "Suits Me" series detailing the three suits every Lezsquire should own.

Yes, number one (and probably the most controversial) on this list is the black suit.  Some may scoff at a black suit being labeled a working wardrobe staple.  But there are several reasons why the black suit is killer, and why if you’re a Lezsquire you should have one in your arsenal.

The black suit is bold and dignified.  In a spectrum of neutrals, the black suit stands out as an absolute.  “But Lezsquire,” I can hear you saying, “isn’t a black suit evening wear?  You don’t expect me to rock the black suit at work, do you?”  That I do.  You know who wears black suits to work?  Special Agents.  Looking like a Special Agent is a big “yes”, if you have the brevity to pull it off.  Just ask Lezsquire style icon Special Agent Dale Cooper (or his less awesome British cousin, James Bond).  

Special Agent Cooper also recommends the diet staples of black coffee and pie.
The black suit is multi-purpose.  Want to butch it up at a black tie?  Pair it with a tuxedo shirt and bowtie for a “fauxedo”.  Yes, I just said fauxedo – pronounced “fucks-edo”.  Because that is what the ladies will want to do when they see how dashing you are in this getup.

You know you have successfully pulled off the fauxedo when you are escorting a drunk model home...

and/ or when said model rips your tux off and wears it herself.
Dressing down for a night on the town?  Try a contrasting v-neck or go all black for a bold monochromatic look.

Things to keep in mind about the black suit:
  • Brown accessories are a "no-no" with the black suit.  I’m not the sneaker-with-suit type but if you are… more power to you (suggest googling some pictures of Ellen for inspiration).
  • As with all suits, I am going to recommend getting the 3-piece if the option is available.  Even if you never wear the vest with the entire ensemble, vests are a versatile style piece of their own accord and one can never have too many vests. 
  • Keep a lint brush handy (pet owners take special note). 
So if you haven't already, consider adding the versatile and striking black suit to your Lezsquire wardrobe.

Love or hate the black suit?  What's your favorite way to rock the look?  Submit your verdict below!

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