Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pic of the Day: Layered Suit, Silk Pocket Square

Here we have a different sort of twist on the same kind of look that was featured in my St. Patrick's Day outfit yesterday.  I like this look of a slightly non-traditional blazer (dark forest-y colors in plaid), layered with a button-down sweater and oxford shirt.  The style is masculine but has an approachable softness to it.  And as has been mentioned previously, layering is the way to go for the transition from winter to spring.  

(Via A Distinctive Taste)
A Lezsquire may or may not always be comfortable in a tie, given her situation and environment (a subject I will be touching on in later posts).  This looks sharp and appealing in a way that the tie-shy will appreciate. 

But I think my favorite part of this outfit is the silk pocket square.  I have more than a slight obsession with these things.  They are such little, soft, beautiful, works of art.  The blue and gold here really pop and put the outfit over-the-top as far as style.  And just like a knight in shining armor, you'll always have your colors ready to give to a lady in need.

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