Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pick of the Day: Brooks Brothers Classic Single-Breasted Blazer

I have been coveting this blazer for a LONG time.  Like since I first discovered fashion.  This was a classic in the 80s, it's classic now, and it will be a classic 20 years from now.  Don't believe me?  You'd better consult your trusted copy of The Official Preppy Handbook.

If you only ever have one blazer, let this be it. 

Brooks Brothers Classic Single-Breasted Blazer 

I have a double-breasted Brooks Brothers navy blazer... but it's just not the same.  While providing occasional amusement, the double breasted blazer is an object of fickle fit and tumultuous trending.  Not at all the ravishing and steadfast lifelong style companion that is the single-breasted navy blazer.  So I continue to await the day this lovely blazer will waltz into my life and wrap me in its silky embrace.  (Alas, delayed gratification is part of the art of being a Lezsquire.)

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