Friday, March 9, 2012

Formal Friday

Lezsquire does not believe in casual Fridays.  If you’re at work, then you should look like you are at work. 

My philosophy is that Monday and Friday are the days of the week when you should get most dressed up.  Why?  First and last impressions count.  Monday, while co-workers are lethargic, disheveled, and stumbling into work, you should be crisp and clean and ready for business.  Friday, when everyone is already mentally and stylishly checked-out, you come in just as prepared to conquer the world as you were on Monday.  The higher-ups will take note, and so will your clients.

(**The one caveat here is you should avoid doing more than “one-upping” your co-workers.  This is a judgment call and will depend on your work environment.  So, for example, if the culture in your office is that everyone at your level wears t-shirts and jeans on Friday, you could go with a button down and slacks but should avoid a 3-piece suit.  The idea is that anything more than “one-up” looks too snobby.)

This Formal Friday’s lesbian style inspiration is this vintage Dolce &Gabbana ad for Harvey Nichols:

Dolce and Gabbana for Harvey Nichols, London
You can still have some fashion fun on Formal Fridays.  Here, for example, pairing some “go-to-hell” plaid pants with your suit, tie, and vest.

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