Friday, March 16, 2012

Formal Friday

Lezsquire has had the fortune, in her short time since moving to LA, of befriending a gentleman who is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts.  Yes, this means I know a fucking wizard.  This also means that I have an ongoing open invitation to the Hollywood Magic Castle - a super exclusive club for magicians and their guests.  Let me just say, this place is amazing.  From the secret passage entrance to the elegantly dressed guests to the richly decorated interior, this place is Awe - wait for it - Some.  (And yes, before you ask, I did meet the Academy's President, Neil Patrick Harris, at the grand re-opening earlier this year.)

Let today's Formal Friday photo serve as style inspiration if you ever find yourself a guest at the Magic Castle:

There are few occasions in life where one is justified in wearing a top hat. This is one. 

Also (not that this needs repeating on a site like this) but don't be afraid to wear a tuxedo, men's suit, or fauxedo to a formal event.  I know it can be an intimidating prospect at first to be the only lady wearing a tux in a castle full of women in gowns.  Don't let this phase you.  Think of how awesome and empowered you will look!  (Last time I was there, the ladies and gays went bananas for my ensemble!)

Readers, seriously, do not pass up the chance if you are ever invited to go here.  When you have the opportunity to look like a Victorian era English gentleman, you have to grasp it!

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