Friday, March 30, 2012

Lezsquire in... Ohio?

You read that right.  This California lawyer will be heading to Ohio later this weekend for an extended business trip.  When I was first informed of this several weeks ago, my first instinct was to do anything possible to get out of it.  Don't get me wrong - though I live in LA, I wouldn't consider myself a big-city person.  I lived a small-town life for several years and was quite fond of it.  But although I am a worldly and well-traveled Lezsquire, I have no experience in what I will endearingly call "Middle America".  Further, outside of work-related matters, I know next to nothing about Ohio.  Google tells me Ohio a red state whose motto is "with God, all things are possible".  Christ.  Separation of church and state, much?

I had a series of conversations with confidants that went something like this:

Me: "I could do a few days or even a week, but a whole month is going to be horrible.  No one will like me and there will be nothing to do and when I'm not working I'll be sitting in my hotel room crying."
Friend: "Why would you think that?  You're friendly and likable and attractive.  I'm sure they will love you."
Me: "I'm from California, I'm liberal, I'm a professional woman, I'm a feminist, and I'm gay.  Dealing with prejudice and getting acceptance in California is hard enough sometimes!  I'm pretty sure people like me get hate crime-d or lynched out in Middle America!!"

In short, I was afraid that people would judge me negatively based on stereotypes before they got to know me.  Then I realized that was exactly what I was doing to Ohio.  Acting out of fear before I gave it a fair chance. 

I also learned that this was a non-negotiable assignment, and that I would get giant piles of travel pay.

So, Ohio, I am going to try to get to know you.  To begin, a positive impression.  Below is what I imagine to be an "Ohioan lesbian outfit". 

Definitely not your typical big city business attire, but still dapper.  Still Lezsquire-friendly.  Is this what people actually look like in Ohio?  I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

So, if there are any Lezsquire readers out in Ohio or the surrounding areas, drop me a line.  Show me how great the rest of our country can be.  (Or at least, show me where the gays hang out.)

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