Monday, March 5, 2012

Lezsquire Style Do’s and Don’ts: Glasses

My theory on glasses is that a majority of spectacle wearers grow accustomed to seeing their face in the same style of frame every day.  So when the years pass and time comes for a new pair, many shy away from a bolder or more current style choice because it looks different than what they are used to seeing every day, and thus “weird” to them.  Avoid this trap with Lezsquire Style Do’s and Don’ts: Glasses Edition. 

Rachel Maddow's Glasses - A Lezsquire Style "Do".  (Also featured: Rachel Maddow - A Lezsquire "Would Do")
Glasses Dos

The trick is to find a pair of glasses that is up with the times yet still classic.  Anything too "trendy" or over the top (I'm looking at you, 17-year-old hipsters) and you risk looking unprofessional to your coworkers and colleagues.  But err too far on the conservative side and you end up with a tired look that was in 10 or 15 years ago and is now making you look dated and sad.  So are you a woman of both killer style and professional prestige?  Then read on!

For the young professional Lezsquire recommends a classic pair of solid framed square or round spectacles.

Within the past year or so, many of my glasses-wearing friends have been raving about Warby Parker, and it’s not hard to see why. The glasses are striking, stylish, and affordable, and there’s nothing like having a pair of glasses donated to someone in need for each pair you buy to appease the civic-minded Lezsquire’s sense of social justice and equity.

If you're looking for rounded frames, Lezsquire recommends checking out the "Fillmore".  If square is more your thing, take a look at the "Preston". 

Fillmore by Warby Parker

If you are the type that likes to pick a signature style and stick with it, go with a bold and timeless classic like Ray Ban's Clubmaster or Wayfarer frames.

Clubmaster Optical by Ray Ban

Wayfarer Optical by Ray Ban

Another brand to take a look at is Moscot whose rounded "Lemtosh" frames are a favorite of actor Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp in Lemtosh by Moscot

If you’re on a super tight budget (students and nonprofit workers take note), the internet also offers a number of budget options. For example, you can get a solid and stylish pair of glasses like these for only around $8.

Major flair on a major budget. 

Glasses Don'ts

The biggest fashion “don't” I see for glasses nowadays is the elongated rectangle shaped frames (and their not-so-prevalent cousin, the elongated oval shaped frames).  I cry a little inside when I hear a friend raving about their new glasses only to find that they are wearing the exact same glasses that I thought were "cool" in middle school.  Situations where these glasses are appropriate include: if you are a mid-nineties Brittney Spears era sexy schoolgirl or librarian, a pre-dotcom bust silicon valley tech nerd, or Elton John singing the theme songs from The Lion King.  Moral of the story: leave these glasses back in the late nineties and early 2000s where they belong!

DON'T: The elongated rectangle plastic frame.  A sad and outdated style that people just won't let go of. 

Another questionable spectacle choice is the wire frame. Depending on the shape of the glasses (see above) and the circumstances, this can either be pulled off or end in a Napoleon Dynamyte-eque catastrophe. Those who do it right tend to be graying at the temples and have “Professor” or “Dr.” attached to their name.  If you must, proceed with caution.

Other things to avoid:
  • Wearing glasses if you do not actually require vision correction.  Sorry, but you have 20/20 vision you lose the privilege of wearing spectacles as an accessory.  
  • "Invisible frame"/ minimalist glasses designed to be indiscreet and make it look as closely as possible like you are not wearing glasses.  If you hate the look of glasses that much, recognize that we live in a time where contact lenses and corrective surgery is readily available.  When you choose to wear glasses, wear them proudly, wear them boldly.

Sarah Palin combining practically all of the "Don'ts" in the book - elongated rectangle, wire rims, and "invisible frame".  Don't don't DON'T!!!

So there you have it. If your current glasses have you in a style rut, take the plunge with a bold new pair and the Lezsquire style gods will reward you richly.

What glasses “dos” and “don’ts” have you seen lately? Need a recommendation on what frame would be best for your face?  Beg to differ with Lezsquire's "don'ts"? Weigh in at the comments below!


  1. You're looking astonishing my dear! Great outfit!
    Round glasses

  2. e (they have a few metal ones too). They're made in China (apparently even Made in Italy glasses have something in them that was made in China), but the quality seems excellent -- certainly on par with anything by Ray Ban. Fifty Dollar Eye Guy