Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pic of the Day: Studious Lesbian 2.0

Here is another take on the "studious lesbian" look featured on Lezsquire last Thursday.  I really love the jacket here (from Katherine Hooker).  It's casual yet well-structured - perfect for a day of informal research or hitting the books.

I think this is an overall androgynous look that could go in either a masculine or feminine direction.  The jacket is made for women and definitely tailored to a woman's body, but because of the clean lines and sharp structure, it gives a crisp look that definitely treads into the masculine end of the style spectrum.  With the brass buttons and stand-up collar, it is reminiscent of a more sophisticated take on the baseball jacket.

Style this with a button-down and a nice pair of slacks and belt, and you'll be an academic all-star in no time.

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