Friday, March 30, 2012

Formal Friday: White Hot Suit

I'll admit to owning a white suit.  I was warned against buying it.  Unknowing friends gasp when they learn that I have one.  But on the special - and I mean special - occasions that I wear it (think Easter and bourgeois croquet-picnic parties), I always get compliments.  The white suit takes major daring to pull off.  Perhaps a bit of imprudence.  But if you have the audacity to go for it, the results can be fantastic.  You may just become a shining lesbian savior in a dark world of wayward fashion sinners.  Just check out today's Formal Friday image of silent film actress Myrna Loy in a white suit. 

It's amazing how "right" those actors and actresses of yesteryear got some things.  I think a hot lesbian donning this look today would look just as fabulous and fashion-forward as Myrna looked back (in the 1930s?) when this was shot. 

For me, wearing my white suit always makes me feel like Valentine Michael Smith from one of my favorite novels, Stranger in a Strange Land.  Sometimes you wear an outfit to please others. Other times, it is something special that you put on to please no one but yourself.  The white suit is the latter.


  1. Thanks for the positive feedback, Chanel! I hope your sentiment carries on into the future.